Community Participation


Participation in communities is a way to gain knowledge and share experiences and opinions. We all know how much benefit we gain each day by participating and engaging in this world but according to  Team BE, there are levels of the participant which are : 

  • Core group. 
  • Active participants.
  • Occasional participants.
  • Transactional participants.


However, for my instinct to get involved in these communities whether connected or not, I see that I am not much involved in it, especially in the Internet world. Therefore, I find myself tends to read, listen and benefit from the information, as well as search and follow silently without comment and participation. Sometimes in rare cases when I find that I am attracted to a subject and the way of dialogue in it even if it is a dispute but carries a meaning and purpose, I will participate and show the opinion. This often happens if I do not find an interaction with the same perspective that I want to talk about.

For this reason, I am generally a person who does not participate in communities, but I really want to have a role in it, such as expressing my opinions and get benefit from dialogue rather than researching, reading or listening. I also want to be someone who benefits others from his knowledge and culture, so I want to get involved because I think it would be easy for me to act and talk the way I want.

From this perspective and to reach this goal I think I need to modify my instinctive behaviour in order to reach a role in society, especially that during the semester, whether in this unit or other we need to participate and engage. Two of the most important reasons I need to reach the result: 1- I must be more confident in expressing my opinion and direction criticism and advice, so do not worry about a new meeting. Second, I think I should try to get information through giving it and then participating in the dialogue and learning from it Instead of relying on listening and reading. In addition, there are a few steps to get involved in communities according to Richard Wilson which will be very useful.

At the end of this post, I see that participating in communities may be is a good place and useful to some people but on the other hand will be bad others. For example, when you engage in an online community, we need a good strategy and time management that some people lack. This will lead to ignore priorities and marginalize duties. In addition, there are the people who are affected by what is published, whether positive or negative, because information is not specific to those who wish to spread interest only. Each person can create or publish a topic, whether she or he is aware of it or not . That is why we need to focus on the knowledge and take advantage of the positive side of engaging in communities without looking at other aspects either online or offline.


Twitter :

As for using twitter in this unit, I think it a good approach and a new way for me on the side of the study. Twitter is not new for me but I forget how to use it. The reason for this, I didn’t find myself interested in it, so I deleted my account five years ago. I am really worried about how i can use it very well through this semester especially for Twitter Chat Champion. I think I don’t like to keep using it as I said: i am not interested in it. However, i will be working on it to learn a new way of studying.





12 thoughts on “Community Participation”

  1. Great post. I also liked the link with the advice by Richard Wilson, especially his point to “know your audience.” It’s good to have the ability to know how to engage your audience and figure out what draws them in.

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  2. I liked the graphics in your blog very much! The pic of the online community was really helpful for me 🙂 Makes me think I need to use graphics in my own blog posts since they are obviously very effective for you!


  3. Hi Amani. This is a really interesting post. I also have trouble communicating in online communities and find myself avoiding it in my personal life – it’s nice to know that I am not the only one ☺
    Why don’t you like Twitter (genuinely interested because I have never used it before this class)? I find the prospect interestinng because we may need it in our career’s if we are ever asked to help advertise our buisness/libraries online. But what do yout think?


    1. Hi Grace
      Yes you right , it is useful for many things but i didnt like it because i am one of the person who dont like many program in my phone which have the same technique so i decide to delete twitter 😁😁😁

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  4. Richard Wilson’s insights are useful. One thing about this subject is that you will have the opportunity to explore the uses of social media in a professional sense and decide which platform works best for you and your employers.


  5. Hey Amani, I really liked the link to Richard Wilson’s, ‘Seven steps to getting communities involved’ it was actually quite an insightful read. I also struggle to get involved in an online community setting, and (even though we are about half-way through the semester now) I am hoping that this class will help me be able to challenge myself in community and online engagement in the future! 🙂

    So far I have really enjoyed the twitter chat sessions that we have participated in, and I think it has really opened me to up to being able to network online in my future career.



  6. Hi Amani, One thing that struck me the most upon opening your blog are the visuals and how they were laid out beautifully. The picture of the levels of participation stopped me from scrolling down and studied it with much interest.
    Also, I appreciate your honesty all throughout the blog. No matter how old you are, if you are introvert, you will always be faced with the same dilemma. The nervousness you face the public. I know because I sometimes struggle with it too. I think your goal after this course is quite clear thus admirable – to be more confident. I wish it is easy to do that but no matter how hard, it must be done. Someday, somehow, we can all be confident if we don’t start trying.
    The discussion on communities is quite extensive even looking at the twitter class and dissecting the good and bad things about the use of technology. While social media had been criticised much for its negative impact (addiction and wasted time), you chose to look into the more positive aspect of it and says we just need time management.
    As to Twitter use, I hope you enjoy it this time around.


    1. Hi Khaled
      I just started reading the comments. I noticed that there was a very positive comment. I really liked it and would like to thank you for passing on it. I also agree that, really, no matter how difficult it is, we must reach it and this will only happen after we start the first step of trying.
      great commont​ .


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